Rabu, September 21, 2011

(34) LoV3

Simple questions with answers are never simple.
Love is everywhere and not everywhere at one time
Feel the same love to feel the cut and cured simultaneously.
Having fallen in love, makes you able to create beautiful arches in the face and drop nodes from your beautiful eyes at the same time.
You've felt it too, right?

You know the morning sun, or in the evening? with a dazzling orange color, and no one eyes that could not see, and worship him?
You know the flowers that had just come in early spring? When the fairies cast a warm aroma?
Do you know it's sitting in the middle of drizzle, with a warm blanket that you just dry in the sun, accompanied by your favorite cup of coffee and a book that really want you to read?
The beauty is what you see when you fall in love ...
That feeling can you feel when you know love and start loving someone.

You know, the chilling cold of the night and you can not find a blanket to warm you?
Can you feel how a person's thirst when walking in the desert, without direction and without an oasis?
How dark, when night came there was no light that can illuminate you? make you go astray?
What do you feel, when love is no longer entitled singing your name and the name? His dream was no longer contain yourself?
All that you feel the same, with a sense of who will you receive when you lose your love ... or a broken heart

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